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The University of Doglando is dedicated to responsible pet ownership, from playing, to training and the behavioral wellness between.  When we chose to bring dogs into our lives it becomes our responsibility to ensure we can commit to meeting their mental, physical, emotional and even ethological needs.  

The University of Doglando offers a unique experience empowering dogs to get back to their roots and engage in activities which facilitate behavior outcomes that offer opportunities for high level reinforcement; strengthening behaviors that we an use and apply to everyday life especially while off campus. Facilitating different play styles between dogs, and maintaining good behavior consistent to your home and ours, together we are achieving behavioral wellness.

The Doglando experience involves participation of the entire family; yours and ours. Our job is to make the right behaviors easier for the dog to offer.  Your commitment to the enrichment program is vital for the development of a positive relationship between you, your dog and our campus coaches; which allows us to build upon our interactions over time.  These interactions are vital in getting to know your dog and help us relate to each dog on an individual basis.

Now Enrolling

Group classes that build trust and understanding while training obedience commands and building fluency in many different environments.  We build on the 3D's, Distance, Duration, and Distractions.  

Dog Training Class at our Orlando Campus


  • A.A. in Dogology  - Once a week training for all ages                    Next Class Beginning: Feb 15 2016 6:30PM                                                                         Feb 20 2016 9:00AM


  • P.L.A.Y. - Once a week training for puppies 8 - 12 weeks that are enrolled in our Puppy Development and Potty Training 


  • Pre-K9 I - Twice a week training for puppies 14 - 20 weeks  
    Next Class Beginning: Feb 16 2016 6:00PM


Click Here to begin enrollment.  Classes are kept between 6-8 dogs to ensure you and your dog receive the attention you need.  Please be aware the class you are inquiring about may already be filled. Contact us on Campus for the most up to date information.