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Dog Responsibly.

The University of Doglando, Enrichment and Wellness Center For Dogs, offers 3.5 acres of completely fenced in play areas and a private doggy beach.  Focusing on natural and innate doggy instincts, curiosity and play, all play areas are unique from one another allowing the dogs to be stimulated in different ways.  

Unlike all others, Doglando offers the cleanest, safest and most aerated indoor and outdoor play areas.  Our back door and windows are left open through out the day to allow: our dogs the freedom of the indoors and outdoors, continuous circulation of fresh air keeping the indoors well aerated and free of airborne illnesses, and the natural breakdown of urine and fecal matter on real grass unlike collection under artificial turf.

At University of Doglando, the welfare and happiness of our four-legged clients is our primary business, not an afterthought or a hobby.  We are owned and operated by Certified Trainer and Canine Behavior Specialist, Teena Patel.  We understand dogs. We know how to create the right environment combined with the proper elements of care, to produce a successful well-mannered family companion.

Doglando's Mission:

Our mission is to provide products and services that will enrich a dog's life, provide peace of mind to the dog's parents, and create and maintain relationships based on trust between the dog, the parents and us.

What Doglando Stands For:

We stand for responsibility to the dogs, their parents, and the community.  Responsibility means using proper etiquette and being mindful of a dog's natural instincts and desires. The central goal is to enhance dogs' mental and physical health by using tools they need to be successful as they adapt to become great companions.  In addition, our responsibility is to share Doglando's philosophy with the entire family including children. We educate and encourage the human-dog partnership as a lifestyle that is mutually beneficial while allowing dogs to be dogs. Our goal is to get dogs to behave appropriately when given the freedom of a loose leash, or even completely off leash. 

Doglando's Dream:

We envision a world in which dogs and their humans have realized and are able to put into practice a way to coexist freely. We create a community in which dogs are welcome, because parents are entrusted for their commitment and responsibility of ensuring safety of their dogs and their community.

We enivision a world in which dogs can roam free and off leash, because dog owners have been enabled to explore the freedom gained via proper training, socialization, enrichment and exercise.We envision a world in which dogs are respected for their independence, free thinking, and purpose driven nature.

The Doglando dog has their dignity enhanced by providing work, exercise, and engagementWe envision a world in which once upon a time dogs lived: they accompanied kids to the school bus and waited for their return, they sat outside the grocery store and waited for their owners, and they lay outside on the front porch in total peace watching the world go by.

Doglando's world is safe for people and their best friends.

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