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Sand, Water, and Dogs

Event: Sand, Water and Dogs. Don’t sweat the clean up!

Purpose: Children and dogs learn much the same way. Both are born with the innate desire to explore, learn by touching, tasting, feeling and smelling more than hearing/listening. Kids and dogs, both crave to connect with nature. In doing so, they build confidence and courage and most of such experiences teach both respect.

Friendliness, sociable, compassionate, kind, intelligent, aware, sensitive, creative, bold, robust, driven are just some of the many constructs used to categorize character. These constructs are fundemental in defining individuals by their characteristics; everyone wishes their kids and dogs grow up to be superb members of our societies.

What does it take? It used to be said, “it takes a village to raise a child,” today, we believe it takes the “outdoors” to raise children and dogs. Our lifestyles have evolved to become fast paced forcing us to feel strapped for time, filling our days with programs, events and activities, lacking experiences.

At Doglando, we are committed to creating life self-directed experiences for dogs to “play” that enable them to connect with the ecosystem they co-exist and co-habitate in, enrich their quality of life through exposure, and empower them to make decisions for themsleves' placing learning into their own paws.

The purpose of the event is to be part of an interspecies play experience where kids and dogs build their own experiences; meeting their own challenges, asses their own abilities, so they can be active, build confidence, autonomy, resilience, develop skills, solve problems and recognize their own limits. Yet being aware of species specific differences.

Date: Sunday January 31, 2016

Time: 10am - 11:00am

Cost: Free

Dogs: No personal dogs allowed. Only a limited number of Doglando’s Teaching Dogs and puppies enrolled in our programs will be participating.

Children: Ages 15 months to 29 months (must be able to walk unassisted). No children beyond ages of 2.5 years allowed including kids in the same family.

What to bring: Your camera and essentials/change of clothes for your child. Please no food/snacks or drinks allowed in beach area.